Outsourced DPO

Why an Outsourced DPO?

  • The appointment of a DPO is mandated by GDPR for processors of large-scale special categories of data (which includes health data).
  • Regulations state that the DPO must be impartial and possess a specific skill set.
  • Many organisations have neither the time or experience to implement and maintain the required data protection controls.
  • Amicis Data provides a cost-effective solution to the issue of compliance, allowing the business to continue to focus on core activities.

Sectors we support...

Clinical Trials





Independent Health Practictioners

Why Amicis Data Protection?

  • Our team of consultants are experienced practitioners in data protection and security.
  • We will register with the supervisory authority as your DPO where required and will provide you a bespoke email address linked to our ticketed helpdesk for all internal and external DPO communication.
  • We will create and maintain the right policies and process documentation that is relevant to your organisation.
  • Our helpdesk will support you to manage DSARs, data breaches, risk assessments as well as reviewing contracts and providing general data protection guidance.
  • We have a team of experts in data protection and cyber security to ensure you are provided with the right support.

Independent Health Practitioners

CDPO is a leading provider of DPO services to independent
health practitioners in the UK working with Opticians, Dentists and Pharmacists. From single site to multi branch, we provide both helpdesk support for incidents such as data breaches and DSARs as well as a project support to
develop and maintain suitable process and policy documentation and to complete industry assessments such as DSP toolkit.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials often involve the processing of highly sensitive personal data between several parties. The changing landscape of data privacy legislation and requirements around international data transfer means that many parties are yet to understand the requirements placed on them. The appointment of a Data Protection Officer is almost certainly a requirement for most and Clinical DPO is an experienced provider of DPO support services to sponsors and CROs globally, including the UK, Europe and the Unites States.

Our typical support ensures that trial infrastructure is assessed, and appropriate, compliant policy and processing documentation is implemented.

We will assess trial site documentation for data protection compliance, which can vary by country and in some cases by individual site.

We will create bespoke contact details for ticketed, auditable help-desk support.


Our team are experienced in providing compliance support to ITADs and supporting organisations to achieve standards such as ADISA and ISO 9001. The latest ADISA standard now requires ITADs to appoint a DPO and we offer an effective and economical solution. As well as providing helpdesk support for data protection incidents and queries, we will manage policy and process documentation, including Record of Processing Activity and support the creation or review of data processing agreements.

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