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GDPR Compliance in Simple Steps

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Amicis Data Protection offers a range of Data Protection services suitable for all organisations. Providing expert help and support is what we do best. 

Our experienced consultants can guide you through your responsibilities when it comes to data. Rules and regulations can feel like a minefield, but here at Amicis Data Protection we will help guide you through with a thorough, jargon free approach. 

Getting the right advice when it comes to your data protection responsibilities is so important. Breaches can be costly for organisations in many ways. Whilst unlikely to lead to fines, there is more often a cost in time and reputational damage. 

An outsourced DPO can be a cost-effective way to support your business in data protection and compliance tasks. Our service is positioned to ensure value, compliance, flexibility, and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business without the cost of an additional full time employee.  


Our Services

GDPR Compliance Assessment

An assessment of your current GDPR compliance can be carried out remotely.

This will provide you with an insight to where you organisation currently sits within the scope of data protection

Outsourced DPO Appointment

Many organisations do not have the resources and time to manage data protection compliance.

As an outsourced DPO we manage your compliance economically and efficiently allowing you to focus on running your business

Data Protection Project

Our team can provide the tools and support to implement your Data Protection requirements. 

This will include providing you with policies and procedures tailored to your organisation. 


Under article 27 of GDPR, a company that has no establishment in the EU / UK must also retain a data protection representative based in the EU/UK.

With both UK and European entities, we provide certification of the appointment as the data protection representative and provide support services as required.

Data Protection Training

Not only is it important that you have compliant policies and procedures in place, you and your staff should understand and be trained in key areas of data protection.  

Other Compliance Standards

Our team has experience in providing support for various compliance standards and certification schemes.

These include DSP Toolkit, Cyber Essentials, ISO 9001, ISO27001, ADISA 8.0