Data Protection Project

How Can We Help You?

We can provide guidance and continued support to implement compliance within your organisation.

Using a cloud based, user friendly project management tool we can provide a range of levels of support from basic templates to the implementation of policy and process.

Policies and Documents

Typically, we will work with you to develop your own compliant policies, procedures and process documentation (such as Privacy Notice and Record of Processing Activity). We ensure your policies are tailored specifically to your organisation through a consultation.

Support can also be provided to ensure you and your team understand the processes to be implemented and maintained.

How can we help you?

Support can also be provided to ensure you and your team understand the processes to be implemented and maintained.

What some of our current customers say about the Data Protection Project...


I do love the setup, its easy and good for keeping on track. I would recommend you guys to everyone. Keep up the good work lads.
Peter Herniman
Pinders Opticians


I think the project has been very useful, especially as it means we can see what projects we have ongoing and what progress has been made.
Tracey Milne
Hammond and Dummer

Frequently asked questions

Templates from the internet will more than likely not accurately reflect how your business works. We often see organisations using templates that are out of date, we will ensure your policies are always up to date and that you understand what each of your policies is for and how to implement them in your business. 

Across your organisation, whether you employ 3 members of staff or 200, you must have a consistent approach to Data Protection. Having compliant policies in place that all staff understand enables your business to operate smoothly, as staff are all aware of what procedures they are following. 

The most common cause of data breaches is human error. This chance can be lessened with correct staff training. 

We understand you may be very busy, therefore we are flexible to suit your needs. We can set up a short meeting to discuss and progress your project.  

Yes, Data Protection is equally as important for small business’, it is important staff members still follow procedures and processes that are compliant. 

Whilst it is good you have implemented cyber security measures, Data Protection should be embedded in all areas of your organisation beyond just technical measures. Data Protection policies and procedures should be understood and followed by all staff members. The Data Protection Project assists you with extending Data Protection beyond cyber security, into the culture and running of day-to-day business.