Independent Health Practitioners

Amicis Data Protection is a leading provider of DPO services to independent health practitioners in the UK working with Opticians, Dentists and Pharmacists. From single site to multi branch, we provide both helpdesk support for incidents such as data breaches and DSARs as well as a project support to develop and maintain suitable process and policy documentation and to complete industry assessments such as DSP toolkit.





A DPO is required by law if the following apply: 

  • You process a large scale of special categories of personal data (ethnicity, health, sexuality etc.) – or any data relating to criminal convictions;
  • You are a public authority, or body; or
  • Your core activities consist of large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals (for example, online behaviour tracking).

Templates from the internet will more than likely not accurately reflect how your business works. We often see organisations using templates that are out of date, we will ensure your policies are always up to date and that you understand what each of your policies is for and how to implement them in your business.

Across your organisation, whether you employ 3 members of staff or 200, you must have a consistent approach to Data Protection. Having compliant policies in place that staff all understand enables your business to operate smoothly as staff are all aware of what procedures they are following.

The most common cause of data breaches are human error. This chance can be lessened with correct staff training.

We understand you may be very busy, therefore we are flexible to suit your needs. We can set up a short meeting to discuss and progress your project.

Yes! No matter the size of your organisation, it is just as important that you are GDPR compliant. Even with a small team it is important that you have policies and procedures in place to ensure a consistent approach across the team.

Our service will save you time as we manage policy creation, DSARs, your DSP Toolkit and other GDPR issues.

Cyber security only covers a small part of data protection and as the most common breaches are caused by human error, implementing the correct policies, procedures and training are in place is vital to ensure data protection compliance.

An outsourced DPO is a cost-effective alternative to hiring an internal DPO.